Professor Taro Komukai – Abstract

Professor Taro Komukai, Professor, College of Risk Management, Nihon University, Japan

Topic: Can the Data Protection Scheme for Transparency Prevent or Reduce the Damage of Data Breach?

Abstract:  The damage caused by data breaches is a matter of significant concern to many people, and a data protection scheme for transparency is expected to solve this problem. For example, data breach notification rules, which originated in the United States and are going to be introduced in the EU, are transparency regulations against data leaks. The new rule for traceability of data circulation in Japan is another regulation for reducing such damage.

However, securing transparency is not the purpose in itself, but a means to protect data subjects. With respect to data breaches, it is important to prevent illegal data distribution and reduce secondary damage. This presentation focuses on the effects of transparency schemes on reducing the damage caused by data breaches in Japan and other countries.