Professor Nancy Yue Liu – Abstract

Professor Nancy Yue Liu, Professor, Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunication

Topic: The Cyber Security Law of China and its Implications to Private Companies

Abstract: The Cybersecurity Law of China is a milestone of cyber security and data protection regulations in Chinese legislations. It including safeguards for national cyberspace sovereignty, protection of critical information infrastructure and data and protection of individual privacy. The Law also specifies the cybersecurity obligations for all parties. Enterprises and related organisations should prioritise the following highlights of the Cybersecurity Law. Nevertheless this new law has received quite a lot criticisms for its broad scope and nebulousness in terms. Moreover, private companies including local and foreign companies are concerned about its implications to them. This presentation will illustrate the context and background of this cyber security law, the major regulations and its implications to private companies. The explanation will not only focus on this one piece of law, but also the relevant cyber security regulation system of China.