Dr. Ryan Ko, Dr. Mark Rodrigues, Mr. Aleksey Ladur – Abstract

Dr. Ryan Ko, Director, New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science, Head of Cyber Security Lab, The University of Waikato
Dr. Mark Rodrigues, Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato
Mr. Aleksey Ladur, Assistant Research Programmer, Cybersecurity Researchers of Waikato, The University of Waikato

Topic: Towards One Global Data Privacy Law

Abstract: Data protection and data privacy are fundamental rights, but these rights are increasingly under threat. While multiple data protection & privacy laws exist in various jurisdictions, and formal and informal arrangements have been developed to facilitate cross-border legal cooperation, there are no legal instruments with a truly global reach or perspective.

There is progress towards the alignment of cyber laws across regions, particularly with regards to data privacy laws. Despite these efforts, there are currently multiple laws and regulations that address the needs of managing data in cyberspace. The traditional approach of applying national and international laws has proved insufficient to counter growing cyber challenges, particularly where data privacy is concerned, and a unifying model law is needed. Convergence in laws, rules, regulations and jurisdictions, we argue in this presentation, can be achieved by “One Global Data Privacy Law”. This is conceptualised as a universally agreed model law, a framework that can be utilised to highlight deviations from the model, helping to achieve convergence in data privacy and protection at a global level. This project builds on the prior work of the Data Privacy Matrix, and further advances the mission to align data privacy laws around the world.